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Josh Presley

Human Movement Optimization Specialist

FRCms, M|Wod, FAS, IHP-1, NKT-1, FST




Meet Josh

Your Human Movement Optimization Specialist

During a sabbatical through Asia, Australia and Bali,  I found my calling working with people who wanted to improve their fitness and move away from injuries. When I returned, I started managing a GoodLife and helping corporate clients with pain and repetitive stress, while managing a team of 18 fitness professionals. After this I moved on to fine tune my skills with high performance athletes and people with chronic injuries and pain.


Through different modalities like fascial release, muscle compensation testing, end range joint control, conditioning work and strength training I have been able to help clients move pain free again, lift more and improve performance in their sport.

I have worked with athletes in professional leagues such as the NHL, OHL, CFL and NFL. I also have experience helping corporate athletes go from a sedentary lifestyle to running marathons, hiking mountains and playing golf.


2020- Present
Presley Movement & Mobility

Canadian Strength
Fitness Manager

Goodlife Fitness
Personal Trainer/ Fitness Manager

As my experience grew and the global climate changed with the pandemic I decided to start Presley Movement and Mobility and finely tune the way people move, train, learn about their body and exercise.

My modalities include:

Fascial Stretch Therapy - This is a type of assisted stretching to promote blood flow, assisted joint movement, reduction of tight muscles and to promote proper healing. 

Functional Range Conditioning - This is Joint Specific training. It is true if you don't use it, you lose it. Learning your joints capacities are vital in promoting progress in every area (lifting, running, weight-loss, endurance training), preventing injury and rehabilitating properly from previous injuries. 

Strength Training - I apply a variety of methods (person specific) to help reach your goals. whether it's hypertrophy, isometrics, plyometrics or strength and power via GVT and 5x5. 

Conditioning - What most of the fitness community miss out on is training based on the client's heart needs. I coach my clients through Heart Rate Zone training, this includes monitoring resting heart rate, heart rate variability, 60s heart rate recovery and aerobic capacity. The heart doesn't lie and this method has been proven to work at all levels. This provides us the information needed to know if you're overtraining, before you get sick and injured. It also provides information on your at risk areas and what YOU should be doing. 

I moved to Ottawa and had the opportunity to work with The 67's,The Redblacks, The Ottawa Fury, CFL/NFL athletes, and NHL players from various teams. I defined my role further as a movement and mobility specialist with the capacity to work with very high level athletes in both rehab and strength settings using methods from people like Charlies Poliquin.  

I started my health and fitness journey in Bali and when I returned back to Toronto, I become a personal trainer and coach. I worked with clients on a regular basis and saw amazing results with people who were suffering chronic pain, struggling with weight-loss and had  lack of motivation to work out. Through the success of my clients, I was promoted to Fitness Manager where I was able to start developing trainers to help change peoples lives. My focus, even in the beginning, was to help people move pain-free. 

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