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A Life Without Pain &

Helping individuals and athletes alike improve their mobility, rehab injuries, and recover from chronic pain. Presley Movement & Mobility provides 1-on-1 coaching, and designs personalized programs to guide you on your healing journey.


100% Results

"Joshua has proven to me that movement is medicine. He is skilled in creating new brain pathways. He stretches, lengthens,and strengthens my body without pain. He is patient, kind, and exceptionally observant, all with a good dose of fun!"


- Heather, Ottawa

Programs & Memberships

Custom 1-on-1 programs and all-access, virtual memberships designed to help you move better and feel better.

Customized and detailed programs

Enjoy exclusive access to a library of videos with the added accountability of weekly check-in emails, unlimited access to a professional coach and more!

Fitness Equipment
Weightlifting exercises

1-on-1 Exclusive

Live virtual assessments with Josh, including detailed findings and custom mobility, strength and conditioning programs tailored to you!

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